The RATA2020 event is a railway transport seminar organised by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. The seminar will be held at Tampere Hall on 21-22 January 2020. The event is aimed at railway professionals, railway enthusiasts and students.

Thank you for taking part to the RATA2020 seminar!

Most of the presentations held in the seminar can be loaded through ShareFile. The next RATA seminar is organized in 2022.

The two-day event includes a welcome seminar open to all, themed seminars and an exhibition. The theme of the RATA2020 seminar was diversification on the tracks. This refers, for example, to city rail transportation that is part of the event.

The event’s lecture topics include:

  • Safety and Security (in Finnish/in English)
  • New Technologies (in Finnish/in English)
  • Outlook for the future, mega trends (such as ERTMS)
  • Railway technology
  • Opening passenger transportation to competition
  • City rail transport
  • Punctuality and smooth flow of rail traffic
  • The environment, climate, and reduction of energy consumption
  • Transport and land use
  • Digitalisation (including trials)
  • Track maintenance

More information about the program here.

Event related inquiries: rata2020@vayla.fi

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