The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) is a highly effective and influential procurement organisation, which manages state-owned roads, railways and waterways and participates in promoting the high mobility of people and effective transport of goods.

The operational objective of FTIA is a functional transport network, which promotes well-being in Finnish society, competitiveness and growth. A comprehensive understanding of the impact that transport solutions have on society and providing the stated service level to users of the transport network requires funding, co-operation and finding new ways to communicate our intentions. Climate change in particular challenges us to not only manage our transport infrastructure, but also change the way we move and move things as well as meet transport needs over the long term, taking rapid technological advances, digitalisation and urbanisation into consideration.

In future, the management of our transport infrastructure must withstand the test of time, meet customer needs and anticipate them in co-operation with various ctors. The information-based condition management of transport infrastructure and a high level of expertise in procurement lay a strong foundation for effective and influential transport infrastructure management and construction. A customer-orientation and ensuring safety and functionality on a daily basis in an ever-changing world are the cornerstones of our operating culture and co-operation.


Openness, trust and devotion to co-operation form the basis of our everyday work.

Page updated 04.01.2019