View and download services

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency provides view and download services to access road, railway and maritime transport infrastructure data. The data is made available as a file download service and as web services (WMS and WFS).

File download service

File download service is available at

With the file download service you can view datasets on a map and select datasets for download. When your selection is complete the service sends an e-mail message with a download link. The datasets are delivered as shape (.shp) -files.

Web map services (WMS)

Web feature services (WFS)

Tiled map service (WMTS)

The service is based on FTIA's nautical chart data in raster format. The data is limited to Finnish waters. The data is updated shortly after new chart editions have been published. Chart corrections (Notices to Mariners) are not continously updated to the data served in this service.

This service is mostly suitable to be used as a background map in web services. The data available in this service is not suitable for navigation and does not meet the requirements for an official nautical chart.

The service supports EPSG:3395, EPSG:3067 and EPSG:3857 -tilesets.

The data in this service is licensed undera a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution -license. The attribution to be used is defined below.

"Source: Finnish Transport Agency. Not for navigational use. Does not meet the requirements for official nautical charts"
Page updated 23.05.2019