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Responsibility for the maintenance of the Digiroad data has been assigned to organizations that have access to the best and most up-to-date data on the road and street network in Finland.


The maintenance organizations are the National Land Survey of Finland, the Finnish Transport Agency, and Finnish municipalities.The Digiroad Operator is responsible for adding and updating the Digiroad data in the database thereby ensuring high quality of the data.

Roles in the maintenance process

  • The National Land Survey of Finland maintains the centre line geometry of roads and streets, as well as the attribute data of private roads.
  • The Finnish Transport Agency maintains the attribute data of all roads and the pedestrian and cycle routes that are managed by the Agency.
  • Municipalities maintain the attribute data on municipal streets, pedestrian and cycle routes owned by the municipalities, and private roads that are under the municipality maintenance.

In addition, Digiroad receives data on, for example, public transport stops in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area from the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority.

Municipality responsibilities

Each municipality maintains Digiroad attribute data on municipal streets, private roads that are maintained by the municipality, and the pedestrian and cycle routes owned by the municipality. The responsibility for maintenance is based on the Road and Street Network Information System Act (991/2003) and the agreement signed with the Finnish Transport Agency.

Each municipality delivers new, deleted and changed attribute data to the Digiroad operator. The maintenance data shall include attribute data and the related position data. The maintenance data are entered into the Digiroad system as attribute data of the transport network.

Page updated 25.01.2018