Open data

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency supports transport and in Finland by offering it's data openly for the public.

Open data programme in the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

The Finnish Open Data Programme 2013–2015, set up by the Ministry of Finance, defined the goals which have made opening up data a part of daily work in Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.  Open data is an important factor in all development, planning and purchases that FTIA does.  Open data and Open API's are a key factor when renewing old and designing new information systems.

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's aim is to share the data it collects openly to everyone.

The openness of data means that the data can be used

  • without usage restrictions, with open licensing
  • without cost
  • through self-service electronic API's or by file downloads

All public data can be published according to the principles of open knowledge. Before the data is opened, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency confirms that there are no legal obstacles for the publication.

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency shares open data through several services. The data is distributed to services based on the content type and technical qualities of the data. Some of our data is accessible through several different services.


Open data is a part of a greater whole, open knowledge.

Open data is a part of open knowledge

Open data is a part of a greater whole, open knowledge. Open knowledge is knowledge or content that, according to it's license, can be used, modified and ditributed freely without cost.

Open data is a special form of open knowledge. Open data is published in a format that is easy for machines to handle. Open API's and certain file formats (e.g. CSV-tables) are suitable for publishing open data.

Licensing guarantees openness

The purpose of open data licensing is to enable as wide as possible utilization of the data. The utilization of the data is possible when the license:

  • gives the user legal confidence and predictability
  • is machine readable and compatible with other public open data licenses
  • takes into consideration the international utilization of the data

Finnish Transport Agency has chosen Creative Commons 4.0 as it's open data license. Creative Commons 4.0 is recommended by the JHS189 recommendation.


Page updated 31.12.2018