Saimaa VTS Master's Guide

1 VTS Area
Saimaa VTS Area covers the deep channels of the Lake Saimaa area. Saimaa Canal is not included in the VTS Area.

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The services provided by the VTS centres are described in more detail in the general description of the VTS operations.

2    Reporting procedures
The working channel of Saimaa VTS is VHF 9.
Advance report:
Vessels arriving to Lake Saimaa shall submit an advance report upon departure from Soskua lock.
Vessels departing from Port of Mustola bound for Lake Saimaa shall submit a report before leaving the port.

Reports should include the following information:

  • Name of the vessel
  • Name of reporting point
  • Destination
  • Intended route. If an alternative route is selected, this must be reported. 

Required reports:

  • upon entry into the VTS Area
  • before anchoring
  • before leaving an anchorage
  • after berthing
  • before leaving port
  • at the reporting points in the area:
    • 10 minutes before passing the following places: 
  1. Kuhaluoto, southbound
  2. Vekaransalonsalmi
  3.  Hätinvirta
  4. Puumalansalmi
  5.  Pahikka
  6.  Vekaransalmi
  7. Härkinsalo, northbound
  8. Kommersalmi, southbound
  9. Kyrönsalmi
  10. Matarinsalmi
  11. Haponlahti Canal
  12. Tappuvirta
  13. Tahkosalmi
  14. Sinikonniemi, southbound
  15. Muuraispuro, northbound
  16. Patasalmi, northbound
  17. Kolikon kaivanto, southbound
  18. Kortesalmi, northbound
  19. Aittoluoto,southbound
  20. Hanhivirta
  21. Vihtakanta, report is not required if vessel has reported one hour before the opening bridge
  22. Vuosalmi, northbound
  23. Vuoharju, southbound

Vessels towing timber rafts are an exception to the above. These should report to the VTS when approaching the above mentioned narrow passages so far in advance that the towage can be interrupted before the narrow passage, due to for example a vessel in distress or some other obstruction.

Opening bridges

  • Kyrönsalmi Road- and Railroad Bridge
  • Vihtakanta
  • Jännevirta

Vessel using deep water route must report to Saimaa VTS 1 hour before passing the bridges.

Saimaa VTS will order the opening of bridges

3  Speed limits
The speed limits in the deep water routes of the VTS area are:

  1. Haponlahti Canal 9km/h
  2. Kyrönsalmi 9 km/h
  3. Kaukaanselkä 9km/h
  4. Vihtakanta 9 km/h
  5. Jännevirta 9 km/h
  6. Kortesalmi 9 km/h
  7. Pitkälänniemi 9 km/h
  8. Pussilantaipale 9 km/h
  9. Muuraispuro 9 km/h
  10. Rahasalmi 9 km/h

In addition there are speed limits in the harbor areas presented in the port regulations

4 Contact information
Saimaa VTS
Sulkuvartijankatu 15
53300 Lappeenranta
Telephone:                                     0206 37 3745
VHF:                                                 ch.9


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