Hanko VTS Master's Guide

1 VTS Area
The VTS Area covers the areas around Hankoniemi including the merchant shipping lanes in the area between Fläckgrund and Jussarö, with the exception of the areas administered by the ports.
Coordinates of the sector’s corner points:
59º 55.0' N 022º 53.0' E
59º 52.4' N, 22º 50.2’ E
59º 40.5’ N, 22º 50.2’ E
59º 40.5’ N, 23º 22.3’ E
59º 42.0’ N, 23º 33.0’ E
59º 52.1’ N, 23º 33.0’ E

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The services provided by the VTS centres are described in more detail in the general description of the VTS operations.

2 Reporting procedures
The working channel of Hanko VTS is VHF 67.
Reports should include the following information:

  • Name of the vessel
  • Name of reporting point
  • Destination
  • Intended route. If an alternative route is selected, this must be reported. 

Required reports

  • upon entry into the VTS Area
  • before anchoring
  • before leaving an anchorage
  • after berthing
  • before leaving port
  • at the reporting points in the area:
    • Westbound vessels coming from the direction of Barösund must report 20 mins before passing the Koverhar channel (Nyberskan).
    • Eastbound vessels shall report 20 minutes before passing Fläckgrund light to Hanko VTS on VHF channel 67.
    • Westbound vessels shall report 20 minutes before passing Fläckgrund light to Archipelago VTS on VHf channel 71.

3  Areas with meeting and overtaking prohibitions
Meeting and overtaking is permanently prohibited in the following area covered by  Hanko VTS:
Smörsten–Norra Klippingen, between latitudes 59º 49.3’N and 59º 50.0’ N in the 9.0 m channel

4 Contact information:
Gulf of Finland Vessel Traffic Centre
Vilhonvuorenkatu 2-4
00500 Helsinki
Telephone:        +358 20 448 5391
e-mail:               supervisors.hki@fta.fi
VHF:                    Hanko VTS ch.67

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