Bothnia VTS Master's Guide

1     VTS Area
The VTS Area covers the coast along the Bay of Bothnia from Ritgrund lighthouse to Tornio including the merchant shipping lanes, with the exception of the areas administered by the ports.
The boundary line of the Bothnia VTS Area runs between the following corner points:

  1. from Ritgrund lighthouse, 63°25.5'N 21°30.5'E
  2. to the territorial sea limit in position 63°40.0’ N 21°31.0’E
  3. observing the territorial sea limit to Tornio

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The services provided by the VTS centres are described in more detail in the general description of the VTS operations. LINKKI YLEISOSIOON

2    Reporting procedures
The working channel of Bothnia VTS is VHF 67.
Reports should include the following information:

  • Name of the vessel
  • Name of reporting point
  • Destination
  • Intended route. If an alternative route is selected, this must be reported. 

Required reports

  • upon entry into the VTS Area
  • before anchoring
  • before leaving an anchorage
  • after berthing
  • before leaving port
  • Vessels bound for Finnish ports in the Gulf of Bothnia via the Quark are required to submit an advance report 20 nautical miles before the Nordvalen Lighthouse (63˚32.15’N 20˚46.60’E) at the time indicated in the instructions Finland's Winter Navigation.

3 Areas with meeting and overtaking prohibitions
Meeting and overtaking is permanently prohibited in the following areas covered by Bothnia VTS:

  1. Tornio: Harbour basin - buoy pair T27 and T28 between latitudes 65º 44.8’ N and 65º 43.2’N in the 9.0 m channel.
  2. Tornio: Narrow passage at Keila between buoys T5 and T7 between longitudes 024º 20.8’ E and 021º 18.9’ E in the 9.0 m channel.
  3. Tornio: Europa bend, in the area between buoys Europa and T18 between latitudes 60º 39.8’ N and 60º 40.4’ N in the 9.0 m channel.
  4. Kemi: Ajos Harbour - buoy pair Inakari 1 and 2 between latitudes 65º 39.5’ N and 65º 38.9’N in the 10.0 m channel.
  5. Kemi: Veitsiluoto channel; Veitsiluoto Harbour - W of Ajoskrunni between latitudes 65º 40.9’ N and 65º 37.8’N in the 8.0 m channel.
  6. Oulu: Suumatala in the area between the buoys Oulu 5 and Hammasmatala between longitudes 024º 50.5’ E and 024º 53.1’ E in the 10.0 m channel.
  7. Oulu: Löyhänmutka fairway area between Hookana and Löyhänmutka edge mark between latitudes 65º 07.3’ N and 65º 06.8’N in the 10.0 m channel.
  8. Oulu: Port entrance; Kyrönkari–Port of Oulu between longitudes 025º 20.8’ E and 025º 23.5’ E in the 10.0 m channel.
  9. Raahe: Elkonredi– Johan edge mark between longitudes 024º 22.3’ E and 024º 16.9’ E in the 10.0 m channel.
  10. Kokkola: Vessels of 200 m or more in length when operating between latitudes 63º 59.8’ N and 63º 51.9’ N in the 13.0 m channel.
  11. Pietarsaari: Port of Pietarsaari–Ådö island between longitudes 022º 41.0’ E and 022º 37.9’ E in the 9.0 m channel.

These prohibitions do not apply to meeting and overtaking situations in which at least one of the parties is a tug or a vessel, the size of which is comparable to a tug.

4 Contact information
Western Finland Vessel Traffic Centre
Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 21.
P.O. Box 351, 20101 Turku
Telephone:        +358  20 448  7356
VHF:                    ch. 67

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