New edition of Chart Folio M (Savonlinna–Kuopio–Iisalmi)

A new edition of Chart Folio M has been published. Compared to the earlier edition, published in 2006, the chart folio has been considerably expanded and it has been renamed Savonlinna - Kuopio - Iisalmi. The areas comprising Suuri Ruokovesi, Onkivesi, Vieremä and Kiuruvesi have been included in the new edition.

New surveying techniques have enabled more accurate depth information, which has been updated extensively also outside the channels in Chart Folio M.  Furthermore, there are a great number of new observations of depths and rocks. In addition, the information on, among other things, boat harbours and boundaries of nature reserves has been updated.

The new edition includes 5 new folio sheets, 2 expanded folio sheets and 5 special charts.  In addition to the previous edition, the expanded Chart Folio M also includes the areas on the one-sheet folios 431 (Suuri Ruokovesi) and 432 (Onkivesi). These one-sheet folios, as well as the overlapping chart 433 (Kuopio - Juankoski), will be discontinued.

For the first time, the small craft route to Vieremä will be included in a chart.

The nautical charts are available for purchase from John Nurminen Marine Oy and approved resellers.

Further information:
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Page updated 21.09.2016