Latest news about nautical charts

New edition of Chart Folio Viipuri–Helsinki
Published on 20 May 2016

New edition of Chart Folio M (Savonlinna–Kuopio–Iisalmi)
Published 15.03.2016

New editions of Chart Folio B Helsinki-Parainen/Helsingfors-Pargas  and Chart Folio C Åland/Ahvenanmaa have been published

Folio sheet missing from Chart Folio B 2015

A new Chart Folio P of inland waterways and a new edition of Chart Folio D of the Turku archipelago have been completed

Two new harbour charts of the Gulf of Bothnia have been published

New charts of the Archipelago Sea and the Sea of Bothnia

New Chart Folio O Tampere-Hämeenlinna

A new chart Veckargrund, Nygrund, Vaasa & Raippaluoto has been published

New harbour chart 132 Porkkala-Kantvik

A new chart Kumlinge, Lappo, Jurmo, Vuosnainen & Lypyrtti has been published

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