Distribution channels of nautical charts and hydrographic data

The Finnish Transport Agency's nautical charts and hydrographic data are divided into three categories:

1. Official printed and electronic navigational charts for navigational purposes

  • distributed via official distribution channels
    • Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) - Primar and distributors
    • printed charts - John Nurminen Marine Oy and approved resellers

2. Quality-controlled vector (S-57 ENC) and raster charts

  • material delivered as files from authenticated services
  • defined support service and service level
  • agreement made regarding access to the material
  • chargeable access
  • upgraded products of the material intended as navigational aids on small vessels (chart plotters, etc.)
  • further information: copyright@liikennevirasto.fi

3. Open data in vector format and viewing interfaces (more information)

Vector data format

  • the material is basic data that has not been quality-controlled
  • distribution via the Finnish Transport Agency's download service and the WMS and WFS interfaces
  • Licence CC 4.0 Nimeä

Chart image service for raster material WMTS

  • the service is based on the Finnish Transport Agency's hydrographic data in raster format
  • licence CC 4.0 Nimeä (Source: Finnish Transport Agency. Not for navigational purposes. Does not meet the requirements set for official nautical charts.)
Page updated 26.09.2016