Copyright and permissions

All the nautical chart materials created by the FMA are protected by the Copyright Act. Under this Act, the reuse, adaptation, copying and distribution of materials is subject to permission.

If you want to use our materials
in, for example, publications, websites, data systems, using a chart as a sub-element in a product of yours, in distribution, etc. you will require permission.

Permission is usually granted and it is also part of our traditions to encourage the use of our materials.

Permits are subject to charges for rights granted, as follows: 

user rights user charge
digitization rights digitization charge
publication rights permit fee
marketing rights marketing fee (royalty)
update rights user and marketing fee



Minimum charges and licensing principles are stated in the price list section.

How to get a permit to use our materials

In order to be able to use out materials, the easiest way is to send an application using the forms on our website. 

We aim to deal with questions of permission within 14 days of receiving a request in writing. In cases which require more time, we will notify you of the delay.
If we reject an application, we will seek to suggest an alternative way of meeting your needs.

Our attitude to unlawful copying

We monitor the commercial use and publication of our materials. When we detect an abuse, we seek to ensure compliance with the law. When necessary we take legal action to protect our copyright.

Page updated 19.10.2015