Chart symbology

Renewal of nautical charts

Finland first adopted the international symbology (INT) in the coastal charts of the Gulf of Finland in 2003. In the renewal, the colours, chart symbology and coordinate system of the nautical charts changed, as blue nautical charts started to replace the traditional green charts. The new chart symbology is based on the IHO's international INT standard. In connection with this, the coordinate system used on nautical charts changed from the national grid coordinate system KKJ to the international coordinate system WGS84 (EUREF-FIN). International symbology is now used to describe the Finnish sea areas, including all coastal charts, chart folios, harbour charts and most of the general charts. On the inland waterways, the renewal applies to the nautical charts used by international trade in the Saimaa deep-water channel on the channel section Lappeenranta-Kuopio-Iisalmi and in the chart folios of Kymijoki watercourse.

More detailed information about the time of publication can be found on the Finnish Transport Agency's website

In this list, the correction date of chart editions has been indicated up to the date 1.12.2010.

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