Repair work at the Raja-Jooseppi border crossing point

This project will develop the Raja-Jooseppi border crossing point infrastructure, buildings, information systems and fluoroscope equipment. The project belongs to the Kolarctic CBC programme, and will reach completion in 2022.

Background to the project

The Raja-Jooseppi Border Guard Station is located in the municipality of Inari, 50 km from the village of Ivalo. The station is responsible for the Raja-Jooseppi international border crossing, which is located 7 kilometres away. The length of the national border falling under the surveillance responsibilities of the Raja-Jooseppi station is 57 kilometres. This border is comprised of both land and water sections. There is a total of 56.5 kilometres of land border under surveillance and 0.5 kilometres of water border.

The station's operations began in autumn 1945 in the old guard building. Construction traffic began to pass through the border crossing point in the 1960s. Raja-Jooseppi received official border crossing point status on 25 January 1967 and international border crossing point status on 4 September 1989. In 2018, a total of 74 063 border crossings were recorded at the Raja-Jooseppi border crossing point.

Project costs and funding

The Kolartic CBC programme is aimed at increasing the appeal of the region. The programme is funded by the European Union, Finland and Russia. The EU Commission has approved funding for a total of six projects to improve the smoothness and security of border crossing points between Finland and Russia.

The ENI CBC (European Neighbourhood Instrument, Cross Border Cooperation) funding agreement relating to the development of the Raja-Jooseppi border crossing point was signed between the EU and Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) on 1 March 2019. The budget for the development project is €11.45 million, of which €10.31 million is covered by the funding received. FTIA’s co-financing is allocated as basic route maintenance.

The project will be implemented within three years of the signing of the funding agreement.

Objectives of the project

Border control operations at the Raja-Jooseppi border crossing point will be developed by building a new border inspection post on the west side of the current station. The working conditions and security of the inspection staff will be improved. The accuracy and reliability of border inspections will be improved through the introduction of new inspection systems and a fluoroscope. These measures will ensure that the border crossing point will have sufficient capacity for the coming years.

Participating in the project are FTIA, the Lapland ELY Centre, Finnish Customs, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), Senate Properties, the Finnish Border Guard, the St. Petersburg Directorate and ITM Oy.

Progress of project

The funding agreement between the Kolarctic and FTIA for the development of the Raja-Jooseppi border crossing point has been signed and the planning of the repair work has begun. Construction work is estimated to begin in spring 2020.

Kolarctic Cross Border Cooperation 2014-2020 is a European Union programme for funding cooperation the spans the EU's external borders.

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