Drawings and documents archive

The documents, drawings and diagrams generated as a result of the Finnish Transport Agency’s activities are kept in the Finnish Transport Agency’s archive. The agency also maintains the extensive archives of its predecessor authorities.

Most of the material in the Finnish Transport Agency's archive concerns the management, building and maintenance of transport routes as well as their technical structures. The archive includes road and bridge plans, railway plans and decisions concerning waterways, among other things.

Access to and use of the material

As a rule, the archive material is public, and copies of the material and information are provided upon request.

Requests for information services shall be sent to the archive’s email address. The requests are processed in order of arrival as soon as possible within two weeks of the date received. The documents are primarily scanned and sent to the clients by email.

Most of the material is physically located in the Finnish Transport Agency’s Helsinki office. The material concerning inland waterways is kept in the Lappeenranta office. Drawings and diagrams of other waterways and railways are maintained by an external service provider.

The material generally exists in paper form, but some, especially drawings and diagrams, is gradually being converted into digital form.

Page updated 07.11.2017