The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s (FTIA) invoicing instructions for suppliers

Invoices to the Finnish Transport Infrasturcture Agency shall primarily be sent as online invoices to the address:

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
Unit notified by the client or the name part of the EDI Code
PO Box 33

In order to ensure smooth handling of the invoice, please include the following reference information required on the invoice:

Obligatory reference information:

  • Instalment/Invoice handler (L0000xxxx/Last name)


  • Order/contract number (a code starting with V1 or VSK1), see instructions on page 2

Other reference information:

  • Such as the project number or any other information stated in the contract/order
  • A site key shall be included on invoices covered by the information reporting requirements in the construction sector.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency has the right to reject and return an invoice including insufficient information and require that a new invoice is sent. The reference information to be included in the invoice can be checked at the address,

The FTIA’s terms of payment is 21 days.

Other information required on the online invoice:

Operator ID: E204503 (OpusCapita Solutions Oy)
Business ID: 1010547-1
VAT number: FI10105471

EDI Codes:  

0037101054710910               Director General’s subordinate functions

0037101054710930               Projects

0037101054710940               Infrastructure Management

0037101054710950               Infrastructure Access and Information Services

0037101054710960               Transport Network Planning

0037101054710031                Hence apply 0037101054710930 Projects

0037101054710032                Hence apply 0037101054710930 Projects

0037101054710033                Hence apply 0037101054710930 Projects

0037101054710041               Infrastructure Management, Railway Maintenance

0037101054710042                Hence apply 0037101054710041 Infrastructure Management, Railway Maintenance

0037101054710003               FTIA, Ramboll CM Oy, District management - Tampere

0037101054710004               FTIA, Ramboll CM Oy, District management - Kouvola

0037101054710005               FTIA, RR-Management Oy

0037101054710006               FTIA, Ramboll CM Oy, Espoo

0037101054710007               FTIA, Ramboll CM Oy, Investments - Kouvola

0037101054710008               FTIA, Ramboll CM Oy, Investments -Tampere

0037101054710009                FTIA, Investments - Oulu

0037101054710010               FTIA, Rejlers Oy

0037101054710011               FTIA, Welado Oy

0037101054710012               FTIA, Ramboll CM Oy, Oulu

0037101054710016               FTIA, HTJ Oy

0037101054710018               FTIA, Ramboll CM Oy, Seinäjoki

0037101054710019                FTIA, Ring Rail Line

0037101054710021                FTIA, SWECO PM Oy


Instructions for reference information option 2: Order or contract number (V1 or VSK1 code)

Order or contract number (code) is required for e-billing, in order for our invoicing system to automatically target the invoice on the order. Therefore, an invoice can only entail information from one order.

The government applies Finvoice 3.0 electronic invoicing format. The fields corresponding to the system are mentioned below. The code should primarily be placed in these fields. In case you cannot find the field in question in your invoicing system, please find the name of an alternative field later on. Please note: Apart from the code, there should be no other information in the field.

  • The first characters of the order number (code) are always V1. The code should be entered primarily in the Order number field (OrderIdentifier) or, alternatively, in the buyer’s reference field (BuyerReferenceIdentifier).
  • The first characters of the contract number (code) are always VSK1. The code should be entered primarily in the Contract number field (AgreementIdentifier) or, alternatively, in the buyer’s reference field (BuyerReferenceIdentifier).

The order number must be included in the invoice’s XML-file, in addition to the visual image of the electronic invoice. The invoice’s XML-file is a so-called electronic form of the content of the invoice, and is not normally visible to the biller. To ensure that the order number is visible on the invoice's XML, please contact your billing system provider. If you use Handi Supplier Portal or Posti Network service to create the invoice, the order number will be transmitted to the XML-file of the invoice. 

E-billing services provided by the government

Handi Supplier Portal

If you do not yet have an e-billing system, you can use the Finnish Government’s e-billing service Handi to produce and send invoices.

To start using the Handi portal, you must contact the agency contact person or purchaser and provide them with an e-mail address, where the invitation to the portal is to be sent. In the future, this e-mail address serves as your system administrator ID, which you can use to create new user IDs in the portal.

The agency that you are about to send an invoice to will create a supplier invitation to the Handi service. The Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR (hereinafter referred to as Palkeet) performs a technical check-up before the invitation is sent.

You will receive a login link and further information on the supplier portal via e-mail. If you have never supplied anything to central government agencies before, we will be asking for your company information in connection with registration. Please fill in this information and submit it to Palkeet.

You will be given the final link to the supplier portal once Palkeet has saved your supplier details into the financial control system. The login link in the portal invitation is valid for 48 hours. If the link has expired, Palkeet will send you a new link upon request. Palkeet also monitors supplier invitations that have not been responded to and sends new links. Please refer to handitoimittajapalvelu(at) or Palkeet customer support, tel. +358 2955 64 040 during service hours (Mon–Fri 8 am–4.15 pm) for any issues concerning the implementation of the Handi supplier portal.

Posti Network service

You can also use Posti Network service to create and send electronic invoices. Instructions for registration can be found from the Network service’s website. The telephone number for the Network service’s customer service is 0200 77000 (call charge is local network charge/mobile network charge) and service hours are Mon-Fri 8 am–6 pm.

Sending electronic invoices to government agencies via the Network service is free of charge, however, to deploy the service, a 10-euro deposit to the account is required.

Posti has issued the following instructions for deposits: “Transfer money to the account via online payment or credit transfer. Online payment is immediately visible on the account. For credit transfers, use your company's reference number, otherwise the deposit will not be visible on your account. On credit transfers the payables will be visible on the account with a delay. If you wish to draw out your money, we will transfer them to your bank account within 1-2 days.”

Paper invoices are only accepted in exceptional cases, and they shall be sent to the address:

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
Unit notified by the client or the name part of the EDI Code
PO Box 96230
01051 LASKUT

Both the invoice and the envelope shall include the same address and references.

Page updated 13.12.2019