The project management of the Finnish Transport Agency‘s project Rantatunneli recognised as best in the world

The project management of the Finnish Transport Agency‘s project Rantatunneli recognised as best in the world

Published 5.11.2018

The project management of the Rantatunneli project, which involved the completion of a road tunnel in the city of Tampere, was awarded first prize in IPMA’s competition in the category of Mega-sized Projects. The IPMA Global Project Excellence Award is presented to projects that have achieved outstanding project management results.

Rantatunneli got first prize

The Rantatunneli project competed in the category of Mega-sized Projects. The other finalists in the category were from China, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Project management was assessed in various ways

Last summer, the International Project Management Association, IPMA, carried out an extensive and multiphase assessment of various mega-sized projects all over the world. The projects were assessed based on reports and interviews with several stakeholders.

The Rantatunneli tunnel project was carried out using the project alliancing model. The jury acknowledged the following success factors, among others: the project values were leadership, innovation and transparency; the project managers acted as role models, and stakeholders were present at every level; the personnel strategy included allowance for mistakes and an innovation-supportive culture; a successful Big Room concept; high customer satisfaction, delivery ahead of schedule and, consequently, cost savings; the challenging projects received significant local attention regarding both environmental and safety issues.

Project Manager Mauri Mäkiaho is very pleased with the award. He asserts that, from a learning point of view, it is important to examine and thoroughly analyse this successful project and its results, and the project has achieved extensive visibility both in Finland and abroad.

“In my opinion, the Finnish Transport Agency has succeeded in promoting the development of the field by utilising previous experience and by sharing this information. For example, the contract and operations model used in this project, and the well-proven practices have been implemented more often. The project alliance model is no longer seen as a mystery, but it has become a viable and effective method for carrying out challenging projects”, says Mäkiaho.

Project Manager Mauri Mäkiaho, phone +358 29 534 3541