Road users on the Ring Roads and the Helsinki-Turku Motorway: Participants wanted for trial aimed at improving traffic safety

Road users on the Ring Roads and the Helsinki-Turku Motorway: Participants wanted for trial aimed at improving traffic safety

Published 11.05.2016

In the trial, over 1,000 road users are to use a mobile application to receive and transmit information about potentially hazardous road traffic conditions, such as obstacles on the road, poor visibility or traffic accidents.

The trial area comprises Main Road 1 (E18) Helsinki–Turku, Ring Road I and Ring Road III. The duration of the trial, starting on 11 May 2016, is one year.

The trial will be carried out through the collaboration between HERE, the Finnish Transport Agency and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency. The trial is part of the Nordic EU project, NordicWay. The project participants include the Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish road authorities, as well as several companies, such as Ericsson, HERE, Volvo and Infotripla Oy. The trial is part of the Finnish Traffic Lab cooperation and preparations for introducing automated and connected vehicles in road traffic.

Participation through a mobile application

Anyone can participate in the trial by registering and downloading a specific application to one’s own Android device equipped with a SIM card, either a smart phone or a tablet computer. The application is used to report traffic disruptions and hazards on the road and for receiving information about incidents from other road users. In addition, the road users will obtain traffic flow information. The application user interface follows EU guidelines required for in-vehicle communication systems. The application is supported on devices running version 4.4 or later of the Android operating system.

Both the users and the Road Traffic Management Centre at the Finnish Transport Agency will receive road condition information. Incident messages sent by the Road Traffic Management Centre will also be transmitted to the users during the trial.

Users contribute to service development during the trial

Trial users will benefit by obtaining information about potential risk on the road, while road authorities will be able to deliver critical information to road users and also gain insight of road condition and traffic. After the completion of the trial, the functionality, impact and commercial potential of the system will be evaluated.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd will use the trial results for an evaluation study including user surveys. Information about the test users will not be disclosed to any third parties outside of the trial project. Individual test users will not be identified in the final reported results.

Enrol in the trial

Please enrol in the trial by sending an email to:

For more information:

Further information

Ilkka Kotilainen, Project Manager, Finnish Transport Agency,, phone +358 50 311 8016

Anna Schirokoff, Leading Specialist,Trafi,, phone +358 40 751 5343

James Etheridge, Head of Media Relations, HERE, (Enquiries in English)


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