Road pavement condition now visualised on map

Road pavement condition now visualised on map

Published 17.04.2019

Road pavement condition can now be viewed in the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s map application. Pavement condition has been broken down to five categories: very poor (red), poor (orange), satisfying (blue), good and very good (green). The condition category is displayed with a precision of 100 meters. Thus, some roads may appear quite colourful.

Currently the map displays last winter’s pavement condition. However, the spring inspections and the onset of the road surfacing season will change the situation. Busy roads around cities are worn, but the main roads are in quite good condition. By contrast, the condition of the lower level road network is poor.

“The information provided by the map can be utilised when, for example, planning driving routes as roads with very poor pavement condition have lower speed limits,” says Pekka Rajala, Director, Road, at the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. “Our objective is to provide as much open information for the public as possible. As infrastructure managers, we utilise the same information when planning road surfacing programmes, for example.”

The map is updated a few times a year.

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Pekka Rajala, Director, Road, tel. +358 295 34 3626

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