ENTER HELSINKI - art along the busiest entrances to the city

ENTER HELSINKI - art along the busiest entrances to the city

During the Helsinki Festival, the entrances to Helsinki will become experiential spaces for art, as the ENTER HELSINKI art ensemble brings artworks utilising light and sound to the midst of people and traffic flows.

Taking place from 15 August to 1 September, Helsinki Festival brings art installations to the central railway station, airport and the West Terminal. Väylä enabled the implementation of art installations to Helsinki Central Station and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport by providing spaces and safety for the artwork.

Located at the railway station, a collaborative art installation by electronic music artist Jon Hopkins and audiovisual designer Ville Hyvönen tones the platform area in different ways, as the amount of daylight varies. Along the corridor leading to the train station at the airport, you can see Meeri Koutaniemi’s and Sami Yaffa’s Enter Me, an artwork combining photography, instrumental rhythms and a video projection of experimental dance. Created by Timo Kaukolampi and Jenni Pystynen, the Silent Sea artwork in the West Terminal utilises the vast space of the departure hall and its view opening towards the horizon. The artwork consists of rhythmic music and an installation of light-reflecting particles moving with the flow of air like a wave.

Artworks encourage viewers to think about the themes of arriving and departing

The artworks welcome passers-by to Helsinki and invite them to stop in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. At the same time, they challenge the viewers to think about the themes of arriving, leaving, waiting and free mobility in a new way. The Enter Me artwork is located in a busy corridor leading to the train platform area of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, where most passengers quickly rush past. The artists were inspired by the idea of passing by.

“When we created the piece, my husband Sami Yaffa and I pondered what it means to be a passer-by. The aim is to challenge the stiffness of the public space and what is allowed in the public space and what is not. Dancing at a train station or praise from an unknown person can create encounters between people, which is what the artwork strives to encourage”, Koutaniemi describes the process of creating the Enter Me installation.

Ville Hyvönen, artist behind the piece located at the railway station, says that he was also inspired by the space in the creation phase of the work.

“The railway station is a restless space bustling with people at different times of the day. People spend time at the station also in the evenings and at night, which makes it particularly interesting for art,” says Hyvönen.

The Helsinki Festival is Finland's largest art festival, which is celebrated all over the city between August 15 and September 1, 2019. The ENTER HELSINKI artworks can be experienced throughout the festival at Helsinki Central Station, T2 in the West Terminal and at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The West Terminal departure hall can only be accessed by passengers travelling by ship.