Digiroad Release 4/2016 is out now

Digiroad Release 4/2016 is out now

Published 28.9.2016

A new Digiroad Release has been published on 27 September 2016 and is available on View and Download Service of the Finnish Transport Agency.

Changes in the Data Structure in This Release

Restricted manoeuvres in the Release 4/2016 can consist of two or more links with restrictions. The data base will allow representation of restricted manoeuvres as a combination of several links, e.g. for the purpose of marking forbidden U-turns and lanes bypassing roundabouts. However, currently there are no links with several restrictions although the data base will allow saving them in the system in the future.

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Covering Note

A ReadMe file containing the data objects and data structure is available on the new Digiroad website > Documents. No separate quality reports are attached to the Release.

Next Release

The next Digiroad Release is scheduled for October 2016. The road link geometry in the next publication will be updated to the situation as of October.


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