Digiroad release 3/2017 is now available

Digiroad release 3/2017 is now available

Published 24.8.2017

Digiroad release 3/2017 is now available at Finnish Transport Agency data service. The data objects in this release remain the same as in the previous release.


The geometry and address data are obtained from the National Land Survey of Finland with a time stamp of August 17th 2017.

Traffic volume and lighting data objects are updated directly from Road Register database. In the future publications, other attribute data concerning roads will be updated directly from the Road Register as much as possible.

Release notes

Release notes and more detailed information on the new release are available at the Digiroad website.

Next release

The next Digiroad release will most likely be available in the beginning of October 2017. The road link geometry will then be updated to the early October 2017 situation.

Further questions?

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