Digiroad release 2/2017 is now available

Digiroad release 2/2017 is now available

Published 1.6.2017

Digiroad release 2/2017 is now available at Finnish Transport Agency data service. The data objects in this release remain the same as in the previous release.

Starting from release 2/2017, the DR_LINKKI file includes road classification data obtained from the National Land Survey’s Topographic Database (MTK_TIE_LK). 

All the directions of digitisation in the road links have been unified according to the cardinal directions. The starting point of a road link is always the southern endpoint of the link. However, the starting point of a link in the fully East-West direction is the western endpoint. Due to the unification of the directions of digitisation, the first house number on the right and left side may be larger than the final house number on the right and left side.

The link ID (LINK_ID) by the Finnish Transport Agency will be used as a unique road link ID. The MML-ID will continue to be published as part of the attribute data of the road links but will not be used for connecting the road link and data object.

Release notes and more detailed information on the new release are available at the Digiroad website. Schedule for the next release will be announced later. 

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