Digiroad release 1/2017 is now available

Digiroad release 1/2017 is now available

Published 21.3.2017

Digiroad release 1/2017 is now available at Finnish Transport Agency data service

Road addresses updated

In this publication, addresses concerning roads have been updated according to data available on February 1st 2017. For the first time, the data has been updated based on the road address data provided by the Finnish Transport Agency (primary source). In the future the data will be solely based on information provided by the FTA.

Data production process is still in development in the FTA and because of this, about 0,6 % of road addresses are missing in such roadways where address data is applicable and such data that is utilized in the road register.

Changes in the data structure

There have been some changes with the data structure, here are a few essential features - read all the changes at the Digiroad website.

The structure of DR_LINKKI shapefile has slightly changed. Starting from this release, road link geometry includes road address data maintained by the Finnish Transport Agency (earlier exported from data by the National Land Survey).

Starting from this release, the DR_LINKKI file also includes geometry of links that are currently planned or under construction – in case the info is available in the data by the National Land Survey.

In addition to this, the DR_LINKKI file can also include other information, in case the Finnish Transport Agency or municipalities have provided such data.

Release notes

Release notes and more detailed information on the new release are available at the Digiroad website.

Next release

The next Digiroad release is due to be published late April or early May 2017. In the next release the route link geometry will be updated according to data available in the end of April 2017.

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