Construction of the intelligent road section on Main Road 21 kicks off

Construction of the intelligent road section on Main Road 21 kicks off

Published 14.8.2017

The building of the ITS-equipped road section on Main Road 21 between Pahtonen and Muonio has commenced. The Finnish Transport Agency has entered into a contract with Dynniq Finland Oy.

The contract comprises fitting a ten-kilometre road section of the highway between Pahtonen and Muonio with intelligent transport systems. The construction work started in week 29 with excavations for the piping of the devices to be embedded in the road. The telematics devices will be installed by the end of the summer. The work will be completed in autumn 2017. The contract value of the excavation work and telematics totals 1.18 million euro.

“We will soon have a platform for real-life testing of the intelligent transport systems of the future in snowy and extreme winter conditions. As for the transport infrastructure managers, they will have the opportunity to study what is required of a road designed for automated driving. It is great that this project, so long in preparation, will finally be realised”, says Reija Viinanen, Director of Aurora Collaboration at the Finnish Transport Agency.

The Finnish Transport Agency’s Aurora Project entails building an arctic testing ecosystem for intelligent transport systems. An intelligent public road section of Main Road 21/E8 is serving as the testing ground. The intelligent road section is fitted with sensors that gather measurement data to be utilised for automated driving and transport infrastructure management. Furthermore, the test ecosystem provides precise positioning and 5G services.

Further information:

Director of Aurora Collaboration Reija Viinanen phone +358 400 423370, Finnish Transport Agency