Merenmittaushankinnat – Hydrographic Survey procurements

First notice of Finnish Transport Agency Hydrographic Survey Purchasing Plan for 2017

  • FTA has published on 26 Aug 2015 the Hydrographic Survey Program for 2015-2020;
  • FTA publishes the annual first notice on hydrographic survey purchasing plan for 2017. FTA will continue some hydrographic surveys from year 2016;
  • The hydrographic survey areas are located in the Finnish territorial sea area and in inland waters. The size of the areas vary from about 400 to over 6.500 km²;
  • Estimated amount of money for new work for fiscal year 2017 is about M€ 2;

FTA will publish an Invitation to Tender for each project procurement in due time, starting in December 2016 – January 2017.

Documents for downloading


Finnish Transport Agency Hydrographic Survey Program 2015 2020 public

Liikennevirasto merenmittausohjelma 2015 - 2020 julkinen (only in Finnish language)

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FSIS-44 Finnish and Swedish implementation of IHO S-44 ed 5 standard
Finnish Territorial Surveillance Act
Finnish Territorial Surveillance Decree
JYSE 2014 services

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