Digitraffic is a service operated by Traffic Management Finland. It covers information about open data for application development from Finnish road, railway and marine traffic.

Road traffic


Road Digitraffic provides real time data from the Finnish roads.

Most of the data is gathered from Finnish Transport Agency's data sources, which include travel time system,  automatic measuring devices (LAM), road weather stations and road weather & surface cameras.

Road Digitraffic offers several APIs for developers:

  • Current fluency data
  • Current journey times
  • History data for previous day
  • Average medians for previous day
  • Current data from LAM stations
  • Current free flow speeds
  • Current road weather station data
  • Status of road stations
  • Camera presets
  • Road weather forecasts
  • Traffic disorders

Rail traffic

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Intercity 10 (Sr2 3225 + 6 double deckers) by Tomi Lapinlampi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Finnish Transport Agency started the development of real time open railway data during autumn 2014. During spring 2015 the Digitraffic service was updated with a new railway API, which provides data about train traffic. The information in the API comes from LIIKE-system. LIIKE is used for e.g. the coordination of applications and granting of infrastructure capacity, schedule planning and transmission, station info displays and automatic alerts, and the monitoring of trains.

The open data API provides schedules and train compositions. The schedule data includes realtime traffic information, future schedules and history data. The API is RESTful and it supports several query types. Query results are in JSON format.

API was published (Beta) 23.3.2015.

Page updated 05.08.2019