ENC Service

Distribution of ENC data

The ENC material produced by the Finnish Transport Agency is available for purchase and distribution only via the centralised distribution service and retailer network.

The distribution of the ENC data is protected.
The three Regional ENC Coordinating Centres, currently situated in Norway, Great Britain and Australia, distribute protected ENC data to their customers. The protection of  ENC data is implemented according to IHO's standard S-63 (IHO Data Protection Scheme).

The aim is to protect the charts against illegal copying and other piratism, as well as to ensure that the chart data is kept up-to-date.

Users of this official and protected distribution system can rely on the authenticity of the chart data. To be able to use the protected distribution system, the user's equipment must be compatible with the IHO S-63 Data Protection Scheme. The figure shows how the protected distribution is organised in the case of Primar. There are variations in the services provided by the different Regional Coordinating Centres (RENC).

The stages of the operating principle explained:
1. The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) decides to start supporting the IHO S-63 Data Protection Scheme. The OEM reports to the administrator of the Data Protection Scheme (IHO) and receives a manufacturer ID for its equipment.

2. The OEM gives each piece of its produced equipment a hardware ID.

3. The end user decides to join the distribution service (RENC). He contacts the retailer of electronic navigational charts (ENC), who reports the user permit, consisting of the end user's hardware ID and the OEM manufacturer ID, to the RENC. At the same time, the end user can list the nautical charts that he needs.  

4. The RENC establishes customership for the end user and sends him a cell permit to the selected ENC cells. The permit is valid for one year, and the customer receives weekly updates to the charts. At the same time, the customer receives a CD-ROM with all the chart material available in the distribution service.

5. The end user downloads the cell permits onto his navigation application. After that, he can retrieve the required charts from the CD-ROM. The equipment can only use the charts for which the user has a permit.

6. When the end user needs additional charts, he contacts the retailer who forwards the order to the RENC, which then gives the end user the additional permits. When the end user has received the permits, he again downloads the charts he needs from the CD-ROM.

RENC distributes two kinds of CD-ROMs:
- Base CDs, published a few times a year, contain all the chart data of the distribution service.
- Weekly published Update CDs contain all chart data collected after the publication of the previous Base CD. The Update CD is cumulative, so that if one Update CD, for example published during week 21, for some reason is not downloaded; any other subsequent Update CD for example published during week 25, prior to the next Base CD, will contain the same data as the CD-ROM of week 21, as well as all the chart data published between weeks 21 and 25.

The chart permits can also be sent to the user, for example, by e-mail, which makes it possible to introduce new charts on the ship without having access to CDs. When the end user has received the permits, he downloads the required charts from the latest Base CD and Update CD.


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