Nautical chart updating service

Chart corrections and other important information are published in Notices to Mariners. The notices are regularly compiled in a PDF file, which can be freely downloaded from this website. From now on, it is possible to search for notices in the new NtM Online update service.

Notices to Mariners (NtM)

Notices to Mariners provide information about changes and arrangements regarding aids to navigation, obstructions to navigation, pilot services, radio communication, nautical publications, as well as all chart updates.

NtM publication and NtM Online update service

Notices to Mariners are published regularly in PDF format. NtM is published three times per month, on the 10th, 20th and last day of the month. The publication can be freely downloaded from the Finnish Transport Agency's website. The updates in the publication are grouped into headings according to area. Notices, which are not actual chart corrections, can be found under the heading "Announcements".

NtM Online is a new update service, where different search criteria can be used to find notices. Chart corrections can be searched by area, product (chart) or by the time of publication. All notices can be filtered  by type (temporary/preliminary), time of publication or notice number. The update service always displays the most recent notice first.

In the new system, notices can be published in the update service even before the PDF version is published. Urgent notices are published in the update service as soon as possible. Other notices are published when suitable in terms of topic.

Chart-specific update service

All chart corrections to a valid edition are compiled per chart product in the chart-specific update service. The aim of this service is to make it easier to  introduce and update a new chart product while it is for sale. Nautical charts published since 2009 have been included in the service. The aim is to update the chart-specific compilations as soon as possible after the PDF version is published.

Now, it is also possible to search for the product-specific compilations included in the chart-specific update service directly in the new NtM Online update service.  NB! The NtM Online update service only includes chart corrections published after 10 April 2016. As soon as the entire correction record of new products has been included in the update service, it will be possible to search for chart-specific compilations. The compilations searched for in the update service will only include the corrections of searched chart products.

Chart-specific update service, QR code and transition period

The new update service makes it possible to search for and check the correction record of a printed nautical chart with the help of a QR code printed on the chart. The QR code includes a direct link to the searched chart product. A visual QR code on the nautical chart means that its entire correction record can be found in the new update service. If no code is displayed on the chart, its entire correction record can only be found on the website "Chart-specific update service".

The website "Chart-specific update service" always contains links to the correction record of all nautical charts.

The correction record of an outdated chart can also be accessed via the QR code link. However, since the chart corrections published since a chart has become outdated are not displayed, QR codes cannot be used to maintain an outdated chart.   When searching for information about an outdated chart, the update service still displays the contents of the chart corrections, but no information on the chart itself.

Page updated 28.02.2018