Road numbering

The Finnish road network comprises highways, municipal street networks and private roads. Together with the regional Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency is in charge of maintenance and development of the state-owned road network.


The Finnish road network is approximately 454,000 kilometres long in total. It includes around 350,000 kilometres of private and forest roads and 26,000 kilometres of municipal streets. In total, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency is responsible for approximately 78,000 kilometres of highway.

Highways and main roads comprise more than 13,000 kilometres, 900 kilometres of which are motorways. Most of the total road length of 64,900 kilometres consists of local and connecting roads. However, these represent just over a third of all traffic. There are slightly over 5,000 kilometres of pedestrian and bicycle routes.

Half of the roads are low-volume roads.

Approximately 65 % of roads, or some 50,000 kilometres, are paved.

With respect to the low-volume road network, approximately 41,000 kilometres of road are in the lowest maintenance category. This totals more than half of the total road network. It is impossible to maintain all roads in such condition that, during the most challenging weather conditions, no problems will occur anywhere in the road network.

Page updated 21.10.2019