International freight traffic

In 2014, the total volume of Finland’s international trade transports was approximately 109 million tonnes. Maritime transports amounted to 96 million tonnes, while some 11 million tonnes were road transports.

Finland’s largest ports, by the amount of goods transported, are those of Kilpilahti (Sköldvik), HaminaKotka and Helsinki. The main ports for export are HaminaKotka (forest industry, chemicals and transit traffic), Sköldvik (oil port), Kokkola (ores and concentrates), Helsinki (general) and Rauma (forest industry). The main ports for import are Sköldvik (oil port), Helsinki, HaminaKotka, Raahe (steel industry) and Naantali (oil port).

The share of air transport from the total value of international trade is approximately 10%. In 2014, the total volume of goods transported by air was some 190,000 tonnes, of which the share of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport was 187,000 tonnes. The total volume of domestic air transports was approximately 5,000 tonnes.