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Map service for open data


Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Open data specialist

Minna Huovinen

  • +358 29 534 3215

Inquiries regarding GIS-data and service advice

[email protected]

Railway Network Open Data

FTIA is responsible for the railway network data.

Picture of a railway

Where can I access the data?

Open data for road-, railway-, and waterway netwrok can be accessed through the Download- and Viewing Service and via open API's.

In the download service one can view and download data through a map interface. The user can choose which data to download and from what area. After selecting the service sends an e-mail -link, where the user can download the dataset. Data is available in shapefile (.shp) -format.

Use of open API's require a suitable application. Open API's are also suitable for developers, who need FTIA's data as part of their own applications. Open API's are described more in detail on Interfaces (API) -webpage. 

Other data for railway network

FTIA is maintaining the network statement for railways. The data of the statement is open. verkkoselostusta.